Objects & Places from J.M. Barrie & the Lost Boys

Andrew Birkin
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Never Never Land

This place was the figment of JM Barrie's imagination. The place where children would never grow up had many incarnations of its name, published or not, over the years.

Old Scotland

The author discusses Margaret Ogilvy's childhood and the life in this country.

Lilybank in the Tenements

This was the house in which JM Barrie and his siblings grew up. It is said that it was the house that became the model for the house the Lost Boys built for Wendy in Never Land.

Kirriemuir, Scotland

This was the home town to the David Barrie family. Barrie returned here after graduating from university and again after losing his job at the Nottingham Journal.

Edinburgh University

This was Barrie's alma mater. Although Barrie graduated with an M.A., the author says that the years here were the loneliest of Barrie's life.

London, England

This, along with...

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