Daily Lessons for Teaching J.M. Barrie & the Lost Boys

Andrew Birkin
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue; Chapters 1-3)


In Prologue; Chapters 1-3, Peter Llewellyn Davies' death and the stress of being the inspiration for Peter Pan is discussed. This lesson will discuss these topics within the prologue.


Class Discussion: What is discussed in the prologue?

Small Group Activity: How is this information important to the story? What can be learned about Barrie and the Davies boys from this prologue?

Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses. Are you surprised by the stress put upon the Davies boys regarding their role in the creation of Peter Pan? Why or why not?

Individual Activity: Research a celebrity. How is he or she famous? How has his or her life changed over time due to his or her celebrity status? How have they dealt with the popularity and constant attention?

Class Discussion: Have the students share their research. What do the celebrities have in common? How do...

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