J.M. Barrie & the Lost Boys Fun Activities

Andrew Birkin
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Great Britain

Research a part of British history. Present your findings to the class in a ten-minute presentation.

Scottish Dance

Bring in a guest instructor to give the students an introductory lesson in Scottish dancing.

Edinburgh University

Research this university. When was it founded? What was it like when Barrie attended school here? How has it changed over time? Write a one-page paper in response.

Being a Writer

Bring in a writer as a guest speaker to speak to the students about being a professional writer.

Peter Pan

Watch the stage production of this play or the musical by Jerome Robbins.

Influence of Peter Pan

How has Peter Pan influenced Western culture? Write a one-page paper to share your findings.

Life on the Stage in the Early 20th Century

Research theater life in the early 20th century. What training was required? How did one become an actor? What...

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