J.M. Barrie & the Lost Boys Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Andrew Birkin
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Prologue; Chapters 1-3

• The prologue begins by discussing the death of Peter Llewellyn Davies, leader of a London publishing house.

• In 1960, Davies stepped in front of an oncoming train at the age of 63; his death was world news because he, along with his brothers, was the inspiration for the character Peter Pan.

• This chapter is on James Barrie's family and childhood.

• His older brother's death was a significant event in his life, especially because it affected his mother, Margaret, so much.

• One of the few things that seemed to console Margaret was that David would remain a boy forever; it is surmised that this was the beginning of the inspiration for Peter Pan.

• Barrie attempted to live up to the memory of David.
• The author discusses Margaret's childhood; in Barrie's imagination, Margaret evolved into many different women.

• Barrie also used Margaret's tales to inspire him in his other...

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