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Short Answer Questions

1. How long has Madame Devalier kept her shop?

2. Where is Alobar's magic glass from?

3. The beet was the favorite vegetable of which character?

4. Alobar stops near what landmark to sleep until daybreak as he begins his journey?

5. Which character drops Alobar's glass and breaks one of its corners?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Marcel tell Claude arrived during the opening? What is significant about this object?

2. In Part I, who does Alobar meet in a field and what do they discuss?

3. What happens while Marcel, Alobar and Wiggs are on their way to New Orleans?

4. What is the most effective scent Kudra can find to cover Pan's odor? What does she decide to do with it?

5. What is Aelfric? Who goes there?

6. At the beginning of Part II, where and with whom do readers find Priscilla? What is she in need of?

7. What vision does Kudra see in the crystal ball? What does this prompt her and Alobar to do?

8. What magical object is found in Alobar's court? Where does it stay?

9. In Part III, where does Kudra decide she wants to settle? What does this discussion lead to?

10. In Part III, who is the prostitute Alobar encounters? What does she tell him?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the characters of Priscilla and Ricki. What do they do? How do they know one another? What tests their friendship?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the four principles for immortality as established in the novel by Kudra and Alobar. What are these based upon?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the character of Kudra in Jitterbug Perfume. What is her connection with Alobar? What themes are tied to this character? Where does she travel?

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