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Seattle - This is where Priscilla lives and is part of the modern storyline.

New Orleans - This is where Madame Devalier lives.

Citadel - This is the name of King Alobar's castle.

Alefric - This is the village where Alobar and Frol settle.

India - This is where Alobar is horrified after witnessing a funeral and the practice of suttee.

Constantinople - This is the name of the capital of the Byzantine Empire and a place where Alobar and Kudra lived.

Arkadia - This is the name of the pastureland where Pan dominates.

Russia - This is where Alobar goes to see a vodka maker who distills his beet pollen.

Paris, France - This is the home of Claude and Marcel LeFever.

New France - This is the area of the New World that becomes the American Midwest.

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