Jitterbug Perfume Character Descriptions

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King Alobar

This character is the leader of a tribe in Bavaria.


This character lives in Seattle, Washington, and works in a restaurant and on creating perfume.


This character is met by the Bavarian ruler in India after the ruler flees from a funeral.

Madame Lily Devalier

This character owns and operates a perfume shop in New Orleans.


This character is one of the wives of the Bavarian ruler and is the one the ruler can talk to without having her talk to others of their conversation.

V'lu Jackson

This is the assistant of the perfume shop owner in New Orleans.

Marcel LeFever

This character is a vice president of the family-owned perfume business in Paris and is nicknamed Bunny.


This character is a member of the Bavarian ruler's household and once dropped the looking glass.

Claude LeFever

This character is a vice president...

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