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Opening, pp. 1-13

• "The beet is the most intense of vegetables" begins with a diatribe about how beets are different from other vegetables.

• Beets are not lusty like tomatoes. Instead, they are melancholy and can suffer. Beets can also be guilty, similar to the murderer who returns to the scene of his or her crime.

• There are different kinds of beets, but it is the red beet that is the subject of concern in this story.
• Priscilla lives in a studio apartment in Seattle and works as a waitress.

• When Priscilla enters her apartment after a hard day at work, she remembers her earlier encounter with Ricki, a lesbian co-worker.

• Priscilla and Ricki often take their breaks together and lock themselves in the bathroom where they smoke joints or blow lines of coke.
• Priscilla washes her hair and then puts on a lab coat before returning to her...

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