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Stanley Vestal
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Jim Bridger's friend that he persuaded to come out to Fort Bridger and be partners with him?
(a) Louis Vasquez.
(b) Tom Fitzpatrick.
(c) Gerald Lund.
(d) Kit Carson.

2. How old was Jim Bridger's daughter when he sent her to the Whitman Mission School?
(a) Going on eight.
(b) Going on seven.
(c) Going on nine.
(d) Going on ten.

3. What was the date Jim Bridger leased his claim to Fort Bridger to the government?
(a) October 30th.
(b) November 18th.
(c) November 20th.
(d) October 17th.

4. What did the Mormons pile in their houses when they were afraid the troops would sack their city?
(a) Wood chips.
(b) Buffalo chips.
(c) Straw.
(d) Wheat.

5. What was the name of the paper where almost a whole page was dedicated to Jim Bridger?
(a) Kearney Herald.
(b) Frontier Sun.
(c) Buffalo Post.
(d) Missouri Journal.

6. On the night of December 20th, who told everyone he must have one scalp before he left Fort Laramie?
(a) Jim Bridger.
(b) Captain Fredrick H. Brown.
(c) Angus MacDonald.
(d) Lieut. Glenn.

7. How much did Jim Bridger make per day working as a guide for the Army of Utah?
(a) $2
(b) $5.
(c) $3.
(d) $7.

8. When Bridger left Fort Leramie, he rode back to Fort Bridger where he married a woman from what tribe?
(a) Blackfeet.
(b) Crow.
(c) Sioux.
(d) Snake.

9. In Chapter 14, when Bridger decided to "set his moccasins on a new trail" his experience was likened to that of whom?
(a) Francis Parkman.
(b) Tom Fitzpatrick.
(c) Kit Carson.
(d) Charles Preuss.

10. Bridger was interviewed by a newspaper editor, but the editors friend told him not to take any stock in what?
(a) Trapper's tales.
(b) Indian folklore.
(c) Greenhorn stories.
(d) Mountain legends.

11. In the beginning of Chapter 25, when French Pete's wife and children were discovered, it was discovered that the Indians had not killed what?
(a) Pete's animals.
(b) Pete's mother.
(c) Pete.
(d) Pete's father.

12. Who was Sir George Gore's favorite author?
(a) Shakespeare.
(b) Nathaniel Hawthorne.
(c) Leo Tolstoy.
(d) Louisa May Alcott.

13. In the beginning of Chapter 20, where did President Buchanan order troops to be sent?
(a) Missouri.
(b) Wyoming.
(c) California.
(d) Utah.

14. General Connor told Jim Bridger that his three columns were to meet at the mouth of what river?
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Tongue.
(c) Missouri.
(d) Greene.

15. Jim Bridger once told a group of eager treasure hunters that on the top of a mountain they could find a great big what?
(a) Bank.
(b) Piece of gold.
(c) Treasure chest.
(d) Diamond.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sir George Gore brought a lot of men to help him hunt what two animals?

2. When Sir George Gore ordered all the irons raked from the ashes, where did he ask the men to throw them?

3. The summer of 1842, Bourdeaux was in charge at Fort Laramie with how many clerks?

4. What did Joseph Meek say carried Jim's daughter away?

5. What would gnaw on the saddles and harnesses that the greenhorns left out at night?

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