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Stanley Vestal
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who said, "Boys, the trouble with you is you're all spunk and no gumption"?
(a) Horation S. Bingham.
(b) Phil Kearney.
(c) George W. Grummond.
(d) Jim Bridger.

2. On the night of December 20th, who told everyone he must have one scalp before he left Fort Laramie?
(a) Lieut. Glenn.
(b) Angus MacDonald.
(c) Jim Bridger.
(d) Captain Fredrick H. Brown.

3. What country was Sir George Gore from?
(a) Canada.
(b) Brazil.
(c) Ireland.
(d) France.

4. Who described Jim Bridger as having the eyes of an eagle in Chapter 22?
(a) Tom Fitzpatrick.
(b) Captain Palmer.
(c) Kit Carson.
(d) A.J. Shotwell.

5. What time did Sir George Gore usually sleep until in the morning?
(a) Seven or Eight.
(b) Nine or ten.
(c) Eleven or twelve.
(d) Ten or eleven.

6. The words "Hell's full of greenhorns" was known as what?
(a) The Indian and trapper agreement.
(b) The Indian wisdom.
(c) The frontier gospel.
(d) The Mountain Man oath.

7. Jim Bridger decided to build Fort Bridger among his friends from what tribe?
(a) The Sioux.
(b) The Crow.
(c) The Snakes.
(d) The Blackfeet.

8. What kind of animal's udder did Jim Bridger use to feed his new baby girl?
(a) Antelope.
(b) Buffalo.
(c) Goat.
(d) Cow.

9. In Chapter 26, who said he was "sure a single company of regulars could whip a thousand Indians"?
(a) Mark Twain.
(b) William J. Fetterman.
(c) Sir Walter Scott.
(d) Phil Kearney.

10. Who told Bridger they wanted him to find a more direct route for wagons from Fort Bridger to the South Platte.
(a) General Richard Gerard.
(b) Tom Fitzpatrick.
(c) Captain Howard Stansbury.
(d) Kit Carson

11. What was the name of the Cheyenne chief in Chapter 25?
(a) Crazy Horse.
(b) Sitting Bull.
(c) Buffalo Horn.
(d) Black Horse.

12. Who was in charge of Connor's column that was headed northwest from the Lower Platte?
(a) Colonel John Reshaw.
(b) Colonel Patrick Powder.
(c) Colonel Nelson Cole.
(d) Colonel Nick Janice.

13. What was the name of Bordeaux's squaw?
(a) Holly.
(b) Marie.
(c) Francis.
(d) Linda.

14. The Indians and Mountain men always hunted for what two reasons?
(a) Meat or pelts.
(b) Entertainment or money.
(c) Pelts or meat.
(d) Meat or game.

15. When Sir George Gore ordered all the irons raked from the ashes, where did he ask the men to throw them?
(a) Into the Missouri River.
(b) In a large hole that the men dug in the ground.
(c) Into the buffalo dung heep.
(d) In the fire pit under the ashes.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bridger's wife died during childbirth, she left him with a daughter named what?

2. In Chapter 26, what that Jim Bridger possessed is something he took for granted?

3. The trail Jim Bridger proposed would later be the route of the Overland Stage, the Union Pacific Railroad, and what else?

4. In the beginning of Chapter 25, what day of the year did the Sioux steel the horses at 5 o'clock in the morning?

5. In Chapter 14, the emigrants were liked to school boys lost where?

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