Jim Bridger, Mountain Man; a Biography Multiple Choice Test Questions

Stanley Vestal
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Part I: Trapper- Chapter 1,2 and 3

1. In what year was Jim Bridger born?
(a) 1810.
(b) 1805.
(c) 1809.
(d) 1804.

2. In the same year that Jim Bridger was born, Lewis and Clark set out up what river?
(a) Missouri River.
(b) Red River.
(c) Yellowstone River.
(d) Mississippi River.

3. What did Jim Bridger's father do?
(a) Was a blacksmith.
(b) Raised cattle.
(c) Sailed ships.
(d) Kept a tavern.

4. What city did Jim Bridger's father work in?
(a) Richmond, Virginia.
(b) Bristol, Virginia.
(c) Alexandria, Virginia.
(d) Fairfax, Virginia.

5. How old was Jim Bridger when his family headed west?
(a) Eight.
(b) Ten.
(c) Six.
(d) Four.

6. How old was Jim when his mother died?
(a) Going on ten.
(b) Going on fourteen.
(c) Going on twelve.
(d) Going on seventeen.

7. Who did Jim apprentice in a blacksmith shop?
(a) John Colter.
(b) Phil Creamer.
(c) David Mackaws.
(d) Louis Parker.

8. How many miles was the keel boat race up the Missouri that Manuel Lisa won?
(a) 1,300.
(b) 1,150.
(c) 1,200.
(d) 1,100.

9. Who was the first American to harvest beaver fur west of the Rockies?
(a) Franklin Tourin.
(b) John Colter.
(c) Major Henry.
(d) Jim Bridger.

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