Jim Bridger, Mountain Man; a Biography Character Descriptions

Stanley Vestal
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Character Descriptions

Jim Bridger, Old Gabe, Big Throat - This person served as an adviser and guide to many and had a strong love of the land and wilderness.

Thomas Fitzpatrick, Tom, White Head - This individual was nearly killed going off alone to look a supply wagon train.

Brigham Young, Leader of the Mormons - This person was jealous of a good relationship with the Indians and accused others of inciting attacks.

Joe Meek - This person was saved when captured by the Crow Indians.

Milton Sublette - This individual became a partner in a fur trapping company in 1834.

Major Andrew Henry - This person led the first trapping expedition that we read about in the book up the Missouri River.

Col. William Ashley - This person established the Rocky Mountain Fur Company.

Hugh Glass - This individual was attacked by a bear and then abandoned.

Captain William...

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