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Short Answer Questions

1. Who prepares to fight a duel in Act 3, Scene 2?

2. What does Barabas's character represent?

3. What reason was given for the Jews being ordered to meet at the senate house?

4. What does Barabas ask for in prayer when he goes to retrieve his hidden gold?

5. Where did several of Marlowe's plays take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ithamore's reaction to the death of Mathias and Lodowick say about him?

2. How does Barabas die?

3. Why do you think Ithamore says he hopes Barabas will pay him for delivering the message?

4. What how does Barabas react when the friars confront him about the deaths of Mathias and Lodowick?

5. What does Ferneze tell the bashaw when he comes to collect the tribute?

6. Do you believe Bellamira was interested in Ithamore as a customer or as a man?

7. Why do you think Barabas watches the duel?

8. What does it say about Barabas that Pilia-Borza found his gold?

9. What does the prologue reveal about Marlowe's ability as a playwright?

10. How does Barabas's reaction to Abigail's departure show his selfishness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ferneze agrees to relinquish control of Malta to the Spanish. From Ferneze's words, actions, or direct implications in the play, how does he justify this decision?

Essay Topic 2

Abigail knew of her father's avarice and murderous nature. Write an essay about whether or not Abigail should have revealed Barabas's murders immediately and the consequences if she had. Why did Marlowe have Abigail keep silent until just before she dies?

Essay Topic 3

Intricate planning has been a theme in this play. Choose three plans from any scene (only one of Barabas's plans) and tell how they were necessary to advance the story. Consider these points when writing:

1. The roles of the characters involved.

2. The previous action that invoked the plan.

3. How the plan's outcome advanced the story.

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