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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Abigail tell the friar she's been thinking about?

2. When was The Jew of Malta first performed?

3. Why is the prostitute depressed?

4. Who is the vice-admiral of the Spanish navy?

5. What question does Abigail ask Ithamore when he returns from delivering the letters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ferneze tell the bashaw when he comes to collect the tribute?

2. How does Barabas enlist his daughter Abigail to help retrieve his hidden gold?

3. Why does Calymath ignore the possibility that the feast may be a trap?

4. Do you think Barabas should trust Ithamore not to reveal Barabas's crimes?

5. After the Turks have conquered Malta, why would Ferneze think they could be defeated this time?

6. Why do you thing Barabas would help the Turks conquer the island?

7. How does Barabas escape prison?

8. What is Martin del Bosco's motivation for offering help to Malta?

9. Why does Barabas object to Lodowick as a suitor for Abigail?

10. What three religions are represented and who or what represents them in the first scene of Act 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Act 5, Scene 1 displays ultimate self-interest and revenge by all involved. With regard to these two elements write an essay about three of these five characters:

1. Barabas.

2. Ferneze.

3. Ithamore.

4. Pilia-Borza and Bellamira (as a couple).

5. Calymath.

Essay Topic 2

Abigail knew of her father's avarice and murderous nature. Write an essay about whether or not Abigail should have revealed Barabas's murders immediately and the consequences if she had. Why did Marlowe have Abigail keep silent until just before she dies?

Essay Topic 3

In Act 2, Scene 3, Barabas is manipulating the lives of Mathias, Lodowick, and Abigail for his own reasons. Explain his motivations considering the three characters and how Barabas's desired outcomes resolve his conflict.

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