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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barabas's home become?

2. How does Machevill suggest a person gains power?

3. What is required before the imports on a ship can be offloaded?

4. What does the prostitute think about the man who is approaching?

5. What question does Abigail ask Ithamore when he returns from delivering the letters?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you believe Bellamira was interested in Ithamore as a customer or as a man?

2. What might Mathias and Lodowick have done to prevent the duel?

3. What is Martin del Bosco's motivation for offering help to Malta?

4. How does Barabas escape prison?

5. What does Ferneze do when Pilia-Borza and Bellamira reveal Barabas's murders and Ithamore's involvement?

6. What do Barabas and Katherine have in common?

7. How does Marlowe confuse Machevill and Machiavelli?

8. After conquering Malta, what message does Calymath receive?

9. Why do you think Barabas uses a poison that is slow acting when he poisons the porridge?

10. What does Abigail say to Friar Bernardine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After helping the Turks conquer Malta, Barabas doesn't really want the governorship they have given him. Write an essay supporting three different reasons why Barabas feels this way.

Essay Topic 2

What has been revealed about the characters of the friars? Consider these points when writing.

1. Their actions--either selfish or charitable.

2. Their motives--either selfish or charitable.

3. Their speech--accompanied or unaccompanied by actions.

Essay Topic 3

Explain in detail three specific areas of life over which Ithamore has no control. What would be Ithamore's be attitude towards each of these three areas? Should Ithamore take action in any of these three areas?

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