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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Barabas think the Jews were ordered to meet at the senate house?

2. What does Barabas ask for in prayer when he goes to retrieve his hidden gold?

3. What is Barabas's political affiliation?

4. What does Abigail risk by following Barabas's instructions to retrieve the gold?

5. What kind of person is amoral?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Barabas uses a poison that is slow acting when he poisons the porridge?

2. After conquering Malta, what message does Calymath receive?

3. How does Barabas escape prison?

4. Why do you think Ithamore says he hopes Barabas will pay him for delivering the message?

5. What does Ferneze do when Pilia-Borza and Bellamira reveal Barabas's murders and Ithamore's involvement?

6. What do Machevill and Barabas have in common?

7. How does Barabas enlist his daughter Abigail to help retrieve his hidden gold?

8. What is unusual about Ferneze and Katherine working together to discover who instigated the duel?

9. How does Barabas get rid of Mathias and Lodowick?

10. What was the letter delivered to Ithamore?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ferenze demands half the money of all the Jews and their conversion to Catholicism. Explain the reasons Ferneze made this demand of the Jews in particular and the reasons the Jews comply.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the point of view of the Spanish in Act 1, Scene 2 and answer these questions.

1. Why should it be Spain's responsibility to protect Malta?

2. How are the self-interests of Spain satisfied by protecting Malta?

3. How would Spain generally benefit from defeating the Turks?

Essay Topic 3

Do you think Abigail's agreement to lie for her father will begin her corruption? Why or why not? Support your answer from the text of the play.

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