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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Abbess do as a result of the delivery to the nunnery?
(a) Send a messenger to the authorities.
(b) Gather the nuns to pray for Abigail.
(c) Send for Friar Bernardine to hear her last confession.
(d) Gather the nuns to get water.

2. What does Barabas tell Ferneze to do so the Ferneze can become governor again?
(a) That the Turks are planning on killing Barabas.
(b) That Barabas will donate his money to Malta.
(c) That the Turks are planning on killing Ferneze.
(d) That Ferneze should collect money to be given to Barabas.

3. What does Ferneze do when he and the planners finish talking?
(a) He writes out the details of the plan.
(b) He makes a toast to their victory.
(c) He sends them away.
(d) He hides until the plan is executed.

4. What would happen if Ithamore told who killed the nuns?
(a) Barabas would cut Ithamore's throat.
(b) Ithamore would flee.
(c) Barabas would flee.
(d) Ithamore would cut Barabas's throat.

5. What will Calymath find at the feast?
(a) A group of thankful Maltese people.
(b) A feast full of poisoned food.
(c) A platform that collapses into boiling water and sharp objects.
(d) A group of Maltese officials.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the bashaw demand?

2. Where has Barabas hidden his gold?

3. What worries Calymath about the invitation?

4. What do Pilia-Borza and Bellamira do before they die?

5. What signals the death of the nuns?

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