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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Barabas want Ferneze's son dead?
(a) Ferenze disapproved of the betrothal.
(b) Ferneze had seized his assets.
(c) The son wanted to break the betrothal.
(d) The son had seduced Abigail.

2. Why was Marlowe jailed?
(a) He wrote against the Catholic church.
(b) He got drunk and started a fight.
(c) He allegedly wrote lies about someone.
(d) He plotted the governor's murder.

3. Which duelist is Ferneze's son?
(a) Ithamore.
(b) Pilia-Borza.
(c) Mathias.
(d) Lodowick.

4. Why is the governor happy?
(a) The Spanish have defeated the Turkish forces.
(b) He anticipates taxes from the presence of the Spanish.
(c) He anticipates being given money.
(d) The Spanish have weakened the Turkish forces.

5. What is required before the imports on a ship can be offloaded?
(a) Government officials must review the inventory.
(b) The owner of the goods must be present.
(c) Taxes must be paid.
(d) Workers to do the labor must be hired.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barabas ask for in prayer when he goes to retrieve his hidden gold?

2. How does Barabas feel after he gets his money?

3. What does Abigail tell Ithamore after he's brought the friar?

4. What is the name of the slave Barabas buys?

5. What does Abigail realize about father when she learns about the duel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What might Mathias and Lodowick have done to prevent the duel?

2. What does the prologue reveal about Marlowe's personal life?

3. Why does Calymath ignore the possibility that the feast may be a trap?

4. Why does Barabas object to Mathias as a suitor for Abigail?

5. What does Ferneze suggest to Katherine that they do with the bodies of their sons?

6. What does Abigail say to Friar Bernardine?

7. What is unusual about Ferneze and Katherine working together to discover who instigated the duel?

8. What is Martin del Bosco's motivation for offering help to Malta?

9. Do you think Barabas will really pay taxes on the cargo from his ships?

10. What does Ithamore's reaction to the death of Mathias and Lodowick say about him?

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