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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the governor agree to let the Spanish stay?
(a) He will be paid a large amount of money.
(b) He will be allowed to live.
(c) He will still be governor.
(d) He will become Malta's king.

2. What order does the governor issue concerning the tribute?
(a) All Jews are being sold as slaves to the Turks and their possessions auctioned.
(b) All Jews must surrender half their money and convert to Catholicism.
(c) All Jews have one week to pack personal items only and leave town.
(d) All Jews must enlist in the military to fight the Turks and house soldiers in their homes.

3. Who has the Spanish armada been fighting?
(a) Rogue Spanish ships.
(b) Pirate ships.
(c) Turkish ships.
(d) Maltese ships.

4. Where is the man approaching the prostitute and her friend coming from?
(a) He had delivered two boxes of food.
(b) He had delivered two dueling pistols.
(c) He had delivered two invitations.
(d) He had delivered two forged challenges.

5. What kind of person is amoral?
(a) One who tells everyone else what to do.
(b) One who acts without regard to moral precepts and rules.
(c) One who asks advice for important decisions.
(d) One who lives according to his own rules.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the governor confide to the vice-admiral?

2. What do the duelists' parents find?

3. Who approaches the prostitute and her friend while they are talking?

4. What happens to Jews who will not comply with the governor's order?

5. Who represents the Turks at the meeting with the Maltese governor?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Barabas first appears in the play, how does he feel about politics?

2. How does Barabas react to Pilia-Borza, Bellamira, and Ithamore's blackmail?

3. After conquering Malta, what message does Calymath receive?

4. Why does Calymath ignore the possibility that the feast may be a trap?

5. How does Barabas get rid of Mathias and Lodowick?

6. Why does Barabas object to Lodowick as a suitor for Abigail?

7. What does the prologue reveal about Marlowe's ability as a playwright?

8. Do you think Barabas will really pay taxes on the cargo from his ships?

9. How does Marlowe confuse Machevill and Machiavelli?

10. What might Mathias and Lodowick have done to prevent the duel?

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