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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the characters in Act 3, Scene 2 challenge each other to a duel?
(a) They both are betrothed to Abigail.
(b) They each want the other one dead.
(c) They both hate each other.
(d) They both received forged letters.

2. Who does Barabas's daughter love?
(a) Ferneze.
(b) Marco.
(c) Lodowick.
(d) Mathias.

3. Where does Abigail appear to Barabas at the nunnery?
(a) On the street.
(b) In the back yard.
(c) At the back door.
(d) At an upper window.

4. How does Barabas react when he learns that Abigail has left his house for good?
(a) He doesn't care.
(b) He wants to burn the nunnery.
(c) He's wants to remove her from the nunnery.
(d) He's furious.

5. What gets delivered to the nunnery?
(a) A letter asking Abigail to return.
(b) A meal as an offering of peace.
(c) A meal that will kill those who eat it.
(d) A bag of money to take care of his daughter.

6. What does Barabas take on his way to get his gold?
(a) A carrying case.
(b) A hand cart.
(c) A bag.
(d) A light.

7. What does Barabas discover about Abigail?
(a) That she wants to steal his money.
(b) That she doesn't love him anymore.
(c) That she joined the nunnery.
(d) That she ran away to get married.

8. What is Abigail worried will happen when she helps her father retrieve his gold?
(a) That the nuns will get up for prayers.
(b) That Barabas will not be below the window.
(c) That the bags will be too heavy to carry.
(d) That the gold will fall from the bags.

9. What does the governor confide to the vice-admiral?
(a) That the Spanish are unwelcome in Malta.
(b) That Malta has a large army.
(c) That Malta resents the Spanish.
(d) That theTurks are threatening Malta.

10. How does Barabas get his hidden money?
(a) Abigail drops sacks of gold from a window.
(b) Abigail hides the gold in a basket of dirty clothes being taken to the laundry.
(c) Abigail carries the gold our the front door.
(d) Abigail smuggles the gold out the back door.

11. How does Barabas describe Abigail?
(a) An expert, stealing with ease.
(b) A spy, deceiving his enemies.
(c) A fly, unseen on the wall.
(d) A star, shining in the east.

12. What order does the governor issue concerning the tribute?
(a) All Jews are being sold as slaves to the Turks and their possessions auctioned.
(b) All Jews have one week to pack personal items only and leave town.
(c) All Jews must enlist in the military to fight the Turks and house soldiers in their homes.
(d) All Jews must surrender half their money and convert to Catholicism.

13. Why does Mathias's mother not like Jews?
(a) She thinks they'll convert him.
(b) She thinks they're Christ killers.
(c) She thinks they're dishonest.
(d) She thinks they're a bad influence.

14. What kind of person is amoral?
(a) One who acts without regard to moral precepts and rules.
(b) One who lives according to his own rules.
(c) One who tells everyone else what to do.
(d) One who asks advice for important decisions.

15. Where is Barabas's gold hidden?
(a) The local monastery.
(b) His former home.
(c) A waterfront inn.
(d) The senate house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barabas decide once Abigail has left his house?

2. Who is the vice-admiral of the Spanish navy?

3. Which duelist is Katherine's son?

4. What exactly is in the bag of the prostitute's friend'?

5. What does Abigail remind Barabas of when she retrieves him?

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