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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Barabas get his hidden money?
(a) Abigail carries the gold our the front door.
(b) Abigail hides the gold in a basket of dirty clothes being taken to the laundry.
(c) Abigail drops sacks of gold from a window.
(d) Abigail smuggles the gold out the back door.

2. When was The Jew of Malta first performed?
(a) 1590.
(b) 1592.
(c) 1591.
(d) 1593.

3. What gets delivered to the nunnery?
(a) A meal that will kill those who eat it.
(b) A meal as an offering of peace.
(c) A bag of money to take care of his daughter.
(d) A letter asking Abigail to return.

4. What does Abigail remind Barabas of when she retrieves him?
(a) Himself.
(b) A former accomplice.
(c) An expert thief.
(d) A ghost.

5. Where is the man approaching the prostitute and her friend coming from?
(a) He had delivered two invitations.
(b) He had delivered two boxes of food.
(c) He had delivered two forged challenges.
(d) He had delivered two dueling pistols.

6. Who is the prostitute's male friend?
(a) Belic-Plia.
(b) Pellam-Berca.
(c) Boras-Pilial.
(d) Pilia-Borza.

7. Who leaves the duel rejoicing?
(a) Lodowick.
(b) Mathias.
(c) Barabas.
(d) Abigail.

8. What does Barabas's home become?
(a) A monastery.
(b) A nunnery.
(c) A counting house.
(d) A military barracks.

9. How does Barabas conduct his personal life?
(a) By following the precepts of Judaism.
(b) By following Machevill's recommendations.
(c) By following his own conscience.
(d) By following the precepts of Catholicism.

10. What does Abigail admit to the friar?
(a) She wasn't ready to convert the first time she went to the nunnery.
(b) She believes that the Jews killed Christ.
(c) She has always believed the Catholicism was the best religion.
(d) She is confused and seeking the truth.

11. What does Barabas decide once Abigail has left his house?
(a) To prove to her Catholicism is false.
(b) To convince her to return.
(c) To let her live her own life.
(d) To kill her.

12. Who is the governor of Malta?
(a) Barabas.
(b) Ferneze.
(c) Calymath.
(d) Lodowick.

13. What does Abigail tell the friar she's been thinking about?
(a) About which religion God approves of.
(b) About where she'll go when she dies.
(c) What will become of her father.
(d) What the nuns taught her.

14. What happens after the governor and vice-admiral agree?
(a) The Spanish prepare to fight the Turks.
(b) The Spanish announce their rule over Malta.
(c) The Turkish prisoners are sold.
(d) The Turkish prisoners are released.

15. What does Abigail risk by following Barabas's instructions to retrieve the gold?
(a) Imprisonment.
(b) Slavery.
(c) Disappointment.
(d) Death.

Short Answer Questions

1. How may years tribute do the Turks demand?

2. What is the name of the slave Barabas buys?

3. How did Barabas arrange for the duel?

4. What does Ithamore do after he's delivered the letters?

5. Why does Barabas prefer to be paid in gold rather than valuable goods?

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