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Objective: Prologue - The play deals with three sets of people from three different places: the Maltese, the Spanish, and the Turks. In this lesson the students will determine (1) the geographic locations of these three places, (2) the distance between them and the time it takes to cross that distance, (3) Malta's size and type of government at the time of the play, (4) Malta's political significance to the Spanish and Turks. (5) the role of the Spanish Inquisition.

1) Partner activity. Each student will do separate research on both the Spanish Inquisition and the Ottoman Empire. The two students will then compare what they have learned and collaboratively write a one page paper for each study, combining their research information. This activity will prepare them for the class discussion and homework.

2) Divide the class into three groups. Group one will determine the location of Turkey, Spain, and Malta, the distance between...

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