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What's He Like?

Choose one character from the play and then choose a word closely associated with that character. For instance, the word for Ferneze might be "governor" or the word for Barabas might be "gold." Describe the character using adjectives that begin with the first letters of the associated word. For instance, for Barabas, gold would begin: G--greedy; O--obsessive etc.

Traveling Abroad

What was the average size of the Spanish and Turkish ships? How many men did they carry? If possible, pace off the length and width in an open area like a gym so the size can be visualized.


This play deals with gold and money. What did Spanish and Turkish gold coins or money look like? Research to find out and make your own sketches.

Barabas's Ships

At the beginning of the play, Barabas's ships come to dock to be unloaded. Research the places...

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