The Jew of Malta Character Descriptions

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Abigail - In love with one person but betrothed to another, this character is devastated when both die. The character knows a family member is implicated in their deaths, but still wishes the member would repent and become a Christian.

Barabas - Money and murder are the two main interests of this greedy, self-important character. The character plots to murder an official's son and is sorry a family member didn't die before converting to Christianity.

Friar Barnardine - The identify of a murderer is divulged to this character. The character views the murderer's potential conversion to Christianity as a way to get the murderer's money.

Bellamira - This character, along with a slave who loves the character, tries to extort money through blackmail from a person who ultimately poisons them both.

Selim Calymath - This character comes to the city to demand a tribute. When payment...

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