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• Englishman Christopher Marlow wrote the play The Jew of Malta.

• The play was first performed in 1592.

• Marlowe's character Machevill introduces the play by praising greed and amoral behavior.

• Marlow introduces the play's main character Barabas, a Jew, who has obtained his wealth by following Machevill's recommendations.

Act 1, Scene 1

• Barabas inspects his gold and possessions in his counting house.

• A merchant arrives to say Barabas's ship has landed with other ships to soon follow.

• Barabas promises the taxes on the cargo will be paid.

• Three men tell Barabas that Turkish warships have followed the other ships into the harbor.

• All Jews are ordered to appear at the senate house.

• Barabas believes the Turks will demand money from Malta.

Act 1, Scene 2

• Ferneze, Malta's governor, meets with Calymath, the leader of the Turks, and demands to know why Calymath is there.

• Calymath tells Ferneze he has come to collect ten...

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