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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Jesus now dressed?
(a) In a robe.
(b) In a black robe and pants.
(c) In his jeans and sleeveless t-shirt.
(d) Entirely in a white gauze robe and white pants.

2. What does Caiaphas explain?
(a) Why he wants Jesus to receive the death penalty.
(b) What they want to have done with Judas.
(c) They must look to Rome for the death penalty.
(d) Why they do not want Jesus to be hurt.

3. When does Jesus want the disciples to remember him?
(a) When they sleep.
(b) When they pray.
(c) When they eat and drink.
(d) When they talk.

4. Who has Judas returned to be with?
(a) Jesus.
(b) The Council.
(c) God.
(d) Mary Magdalene.

5. As Jesus leaves, who gathers around him?
(a) Dancers.
(b) A black-dressed crowd.
(c) The Council.
(d) His disciples.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Jesus taken?

2. What does a soldier place on Jesus' head?

3. Where is Jesus now?

4. Who does the mob say is their king?

5. How does a soldier reply when Pontius Pilate asks who the unfortunate prisoner is?

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