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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is overwhelming?
(a) The sights and smells.
(b) The number of trash cans.
(c) The amounts of graffiti.
(d) The shouts of praise and adoration for Jesus.

2. How does Judas look at Jesus regarding his followers?
(a) With a look of jealousy.
(b) With a look indicating that he knew this was a bad idea.
(c) With a look of pride.
(d) With a look of hatred.

3. How are Jesus and Judas left to confront each other with their eyes?
(a) Mary leaves.
(b) Mary falls asleep.
(c) Peter leaves.
(d) All the disciples leave.

4. What does Judas believe Jesus should have done?
(a) Called a meeting to discuss the revolution.
(b) Stayed in the previous town and organized his followers.
(c) Stayed in Nazareth and been a carpenter.
(d) Held a religious service by the lake.

5. How does Judas try to weasel out of what he has planned?
(a) By trying to bribe the council.
(b) By saying he did not come here for himself, but because Jesus cannot control his followers.
(c) By telling them Jesus is a heretic and a liar.
(d) By crying to the council.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Mary not resolve?

2. Describe the warrior that enters.

3. What can be seen adorning the pillars?

4. More of Jesus' followers enter, and what does Judas want them all to do?

5. What does Mary sing as Jesus is sleeping on a mat on the floor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jesus think about his disciples by the end of this scene? What is their response?

2. What happens after Jesus speaks to God?

3. How does Caiaphas respond to Judas' reaction?

4. What is Judas doing during this scene? What can the audience tell by his actions and facial expressions?

5. What is the Bible verse that is read?

6. What is the council doing in this scene?

7. What happens to the African American male leaning on the wall?

8. With what is Judas concerned?

9. What takes place during the beginning of this scene?

10. Describe Mary Magdalene.

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