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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Judas try to weasel out of what he has planned?
(a) By trying to bribe the council.
(b) By crying to the council.
(c) By telling them Jesus is a heretic and a liar.
(d) By saying he did not come here for himself, but because Jesus cannot control his followers.

2. How does Judas look at Jesus regarding his followers?
(a) With a look of hatred.
(b) With a look of pride.
(c) With a look indicating that he knew this was a bad idea.
(d) With a look of jealousy.

3. How are Jesus and Judas left to confront each other with their eyes?
(a) Peter leaves.
(b) All the disciples leave.
(c) Mary falls asleep.
(d) Mary leaves.

4. Describe Mary Magdalene.
(a) She is an attractive African American woman.
(b) She is a large and outgoing Caucasian woman.
(c) She is an unattractive woman.
(d) She is a shy, quiet Asian woman.

5. Describe Pilate's bed.
(a) It is large with a red blanket.
(b) It is large with a purple coverlet.
(c) It is large with a gold quilt.
(d) It is large with a blue comforter.

6. Who enters with Jesus' disciples?
(a) Jesus.
(b) More soldiers.
(c) God.
(d) More dancers.

7. Where is Judas?
(a) Next to Jesus.
(b) Off stage.
(c) Behind a pillar.
(d) In his room.

8. What do Jesus' multitude of followers, including children, sing?
(a) We love Jesus.
(b) Kumbaya.
(c) This little light of mine.
(d) Hosanna.

9. Why do the heavily-armored Roman troops and Annas appear on the main stage?
(a) To find Jesus.
(b) To organize the crowd.
(c) To disburse the crowd.
(d) To rally the crowd.

10. What does Judas think about Jesus' followers?
(a) They are out of his control.
(b) They are insane.
(c) They adore Jesus.
(d) They are too busy loitering.

11. What else does Judas want them to do?
(a) Run for their lives.
(b) Fight for Jesus.
(c) Believe Jesus is the Messiah.
(d) Not have too much "Heaven on Their Mind."

12. Who is Caiaphas?
(a) Jesus' brother.
(b) The high priest.
(c) One of Jesus' followers.
(d) The Governor.

13. What is Mary doing when Judas enters?
(a) Crying.
(b) Lying next to Jesus.
(c) Kissing Jesus on the side of his mouth.
(d) Reading.

14. What day is it?
(a) A Friday night two days before Yom Kippur.
(b) A Friday night five days before Chanukah.
(c) A Friday night six days before the Jewish celebration of Passover.
(d) A Friday night and the Rash Hashana.

15. Judas tells Mary and Jesus that the 300 silver pieces the ointment cost should have been used to _______________ instead of being wasted on Jesus' hair and feet.
(a) Help the poor.
(b) Buy new clothes.
(c) Feed the followers.
(d) Buy food for the disciples.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is meeting in a darkened room fenced by high windows with bars across them?

2. What does Mary Magdalene do for Jesus?

3. What are they watching?

4. Back with his disciples and Mary Magdalene, what is Jesus trying to do?

5. What does Jesus try to do regarding his followers?

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