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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Jesus and Judas left to confront each other with their eyes?
(a) Mary leaves.
(b) All the disciples leave.
(c) Mary falls asleep.
(d) Peter leaves.

2. How are these people, including Judas, dressed?
(a) In comfortable clothing.
(b) All in white.
(c) In suits.
(d) All in black.

3. What is a cross design made up of?
(a) Two metal I-beams.
(b) Wood and thorns.
(c) Three lines of light bulbs horizontally and vertically.
(d) Two pieces of wood.

4. Where does Simon climb?
(a) To the third level.
(b) To the second level.
(c) To the audience's balcony.
(d) To the cat walk.

5. What does Judas believe Jesus should have done?
(a) Stayed in Nazareth and been a carpenter.
(b) Stayed in the previous town and organized his followers.
(c) Held a religious service by the lake.
(d) Called a meeting to discuss the revolution.

6. What does Jesus bemoan?
(a) His disciples' lack of understanding.
(b) His lack of a home.
(c) His loss of followers.
(d) His eventual death.

7. What does Judas say about Mary's presence?
(a) It is annoying.
(b) It is very useful.
(c) It does not help Jesus' image.
(d) She is enormously helpful.

8. How are they all dressed?
(a) In white.
(b) In a long black robe.
(c) In black.
(d) In jeans and a t-shirt.

9. Who follows the disciples?
(a) Mary Magdalene and other women.
(b) Their wives.
(c) Jesus' family.
(d) The crowd.

10. What do Jesus' disciples enter and pass out?
(a) Flowers.
(b) New Testaments.
(c) Guns.
(d) Pamphlets.

11. About what does Pilate dream?
(a) Thousands of millions of people were crying.
(b) Hundreds of people are calling his wife's name.
(c) Thousands of millions of people were cheering his name.
(d) His family is laughing and dancing.

12. What else do they want to know?
(a) When Jesus will become King.
(b) When this will all be over.
(c) When the revolution starts.
(d) When they can go home.

13. How is he showing his feelings?
(a) Through a soliloquy.
(b) Through a dialogue with Jesus.
(c) Through his actions and facial expressions.
(d) Through a voice-over.

14. What does Judas want to strip?
(a) The "the fairytale from their minds" and realize Jesus is just a man.
(b) The "myth from the man" and see where they all will be.
(c) The "graffiti from the wall" and go home.
(d) The "guns from the soldiers" to end the rebellion.

15. Describe Mary Magdalene.
(a) She is a shy, quiet Asian woman.
(b) She is an unattractive woman.
(c) She is an attractive African American woman.
(d) She is a large and outgoing Caucasian woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is there a racial mixture in the rock opera?

2. Who is meeting in a darkened room fenced by high windows with bars across them?

3. What else does Judas want them to do?

4. Describe the set at the beginning of the first scene.

5. How do the men respond to Jesus?

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