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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the group?
(a) At Capernicum.
(b) At Bethany.
(c) At Bethlehem.
(d) In Galilea.

2. What do they all want to know?
(a) When they can go home.
(b) When this will all be over.
(c) When they ride into Jerusalem.
(d) When Jesus will become King.

3. What does Mary sing as Jesus is sleeping on a mat on the floor?
(a) "Everything's Alright.:"
(b) "Are You Alright?"
(c) "Nothing Will Ever Be Right."
(d) "I Don't Know How to Love Him."

4. What are the dancers continually doing?
(a) Spinning in circles.
(b) Skipping around the stage.
(c) Climbing up and down the hand-holds on the pillars.
(d) Running up to Jesus.

5. More of Jesus' followers enter, and what does Judas want them all to do?
(a) Take a nap.
(b) Die.
(c) Live.
(d) Be quiet.

6. How does Mary Magdalene try to soothe Jesus' cares?
(a) By whispering to him.
(b) By dancing for him.
(c) By singing to him.
(d) By playing a musical instrument for him.

7. How is he showing his feelings?
(a) Through a voice-over.
(b) Through a dialogue with Jesus.
(c) Through his actions and facial expressions.
(d) Through a soliloquy.

8. How are these people, including Judas, dressed?
(a) In comfortable clothing.
(b) All in white.
(c) In suits.
(d) All in black.

9. Why do the heavily-armored Roman troops and Annas appear on the main stage?
(a) To organize the crowd.
(b) To find Jesus.
(c) To rally the crowd.
(d) To disburse the crowd.

10. What is never stated regarding Jesus?
(a) What he is doing with his disciples and followers.
(b) Where he is from.
(c) The controversial teachings of Jesus and what he had said about the overthrowing.
(d) Who he is.

11. What does Mary Magdalene do for Jesus?
(a) She makes his meals.
(b) She cleans the home where he is staying.
(c) She organizes the revolution.
(d) She massages his shoulders.

12. Describe Pilate's bed.
(a) It is large with a red blanket.
(b) It is large with a gold quilt.
(c) It is large with a blue comforter.
(d) It is large with a purple coverlet.

13. What does Jesus wear?
(a) A sleeveless white t-shirt, casual tan jeans with large pockets and worn tennis shoes.
(b) A dark suit.
(c) A pair of cut-off jean shorts and a flannel shirt.
(d) A long robe and sandals.

14. What graffiti exists on the walls?
(a) Graffiti in English.
(b) There is no graffiti.
(c) Gang graffiti.
(d) Graffiti in different languages.

15. About what is Judas concerned?
(a) All of Jesus' followers.
(b) Jesus' whereabouts.
(c) Himself and his life as well as the future of Jesus' followers.
(d) His family.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the audience find Judas?

2. With what does he sleep?

3. Describe the disciples who enter.

4. Along what do Jesus' disciples walk?

5. What does Judas want to strip?

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