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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Jesus dressed?
(a) In jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt.
(b) In a white gauze top and beige pants.
(c) In all black.
(d) In white and black.

2. How does Jesus rebuke the disciples?
(a) As rude, smart-mouthed men.
(b) As shallow, thick and slow men.
(c) As annoying, complaining men.
(d) As shy, quiet men.

3. More of Jesus' followers enter, and what does Judas want them all to do?
(a) Die.
(b) Take a nap.
(c) Live.
(d) Be quiet.

4. Describe the disciples who enter.
(a) They are all males of various races and most with spiked or dyed hair.
(b) They are all males of various races and dressed very conservatively.
(c) They are all males of Jewish descent and dressed conservatively.
(d) They are all males of Jewish descent and most with spiked or dyed hair.

5. How does Mary Magdalene try to soothe Jesus' cares?
(a) By singing to him.
(b) By playing a musical instrument for him.
(c) By dancing for him.
(d) By whispering to him.

6. How does Jesus respond to Judas?
(a) They do not need more food.
(b) They do not need more clothes.
(c) They do not have the money to save all the poor people, and there will always be more.
(d) The followers will take care of themselves.

7. How does Judas try to weasel out of what he has planned?
(a) By saying he did not come here for himself, but because Jesus cannot control his followers.
(b) By crying to the council.
(c) By trying to bribe the council.
(d) By telling them Jesus is a heretic and a liar.

8. What do they all want to know?
(a) When they ride into Jerusalem.
(b) When they can go home.
(c) When Jesus will become King.
(d) When this will all be over.

9. How is he showing his feelings?
(a) Through a dialogue with Jesus.
(b) Through his actions and facial expressions.
(c) Through a soliloquy.
(d) Through a voice-over.

10. What are they watching?
(a) The crowd following Jesus through the streets on television screens.
(b) A movie about the history of Judaism.
(c) The disciples preaching for Jesus.
(d) Judas sneaking away from Jesus.

11. What is a cross design made up of?
(a) Wood and thorns.
(b) Two metal I-beams.
(c) Three lines of light bulbs horizontally and vertically.
(d) Two pieces of wood.

12. Where does Judas exit and run?
(a) To the council.
(b) To the graffiti wall.
(c) To his home.
(d) To Pontius Pilate.

13. How does Jesus appear as he sinks to the floor?
(a) Angry and upset.
(b) Irritated and annoyed.
(c) Tired and dizzy.
(d) Sad and lonely.

14. What can Jesus not do?
(a) Stop the adoration of the crowd.
(b) Get the crowd to follow him.
(c) Understand the Council.
(d) Forgive Judas.

15. How does Judas look at Jesus regarding his followers?
(a) With a look indicating that he knew this was a bad idea.
(b) With a look of pride.
(c) With a look of hatred.
(d) With a look of jealousy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Mary not resolve?

2. Describe Pilate's bed.

3. About what does Pilate dream?

4. How does Jesus reply to these two men?

5. What is Mary doing when Judas enters?

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