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John Dominic Crossan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What title was Jesus' brother bestowed with?
(a) The Jinx.
(b) The Lithe.
(c) The Just.
(d) The Honest.

2. What miracle does the author talk about in this section?
(a) Raising Lazarus from the dead.
(b) The fish and the loaves.
(c) Curing a leper.
(d) Jesus walking on water.

3. Whose leadership did Jesus establish during the miracle of the loaves and the bread?
(a) St.Paul's.
(b) St. David's.
(c) St. Peter's.
(d) St. Joseph's.

4. What does the author say defined the actions and intentions of anyone who helped write the New Testament?
(a) Mythology.
(b) Faith.
(c) Mental instability.
(d) Roman law.

5. What is the title of the epilogue?
(a) Rites of Way.
(b) Wear Thou Sandal and Run.
(c) Implementing a Religion.
(d) From Jesus to Christ.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the author say was not a robber?

2. Complete the following title: "A Corpse for the... "

3. What disease did the person suffer from that the author says Jesus healed?

4. What does the author say must be present for oppressed groups to revolt?

5. Whose writings about Jesus' resurrection does the author examine?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does the author think Jesus challenged society by touching the leper?

2. What were the reasons Jesus went to Jerusalem?

3. What influence does the author suggest that the Cynics had on Jesus' teachings?

4. What does the quote at the beginning of part five comment on?

5. In what way does the author think Jesus trod a fine line between the passive and direct forms of confrontation?

6. In what way could Christians have a problem with the author factualizing the crucifixion?

7. Why does the author think Jesus' followers developed stories about what happened to Jesus' body?

8. Describe the quotes at the beginning of this section?

9. What does the author say about Barabbas in this section?

10. What do the two quotes at the beginning of the section comment on?

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