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John Dominic Crossan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was James different from Jesus?
(a) He had a huge family.
(b) He lived on the streets.
(c) He had social and economic status.
(d) He was not spiritual.

2. Complete the following title: "First Fruits of Them that..."
(a) Sleep.
(b) Laugh.
(c) Die.
(d) Sneeze.

3. Which stories does the author break down and analyze at the end of this section?
(a) The burial stories.
(b) The resurrection stories.
(c) The crucific stories.
(d) The birth stories.

4. What are the two traditional spiritual responses to evil in the world?
(a) The miraculous and the revolutionary.
(b) The economic and the illogical.
(c) The hate-filled and the love-filled.
(d) The sane and the insane.

5. What disease of contemporary society does the author talk about in this section?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Measles.
(c) AIDS.
(d) Consumption.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following constraints does the author say Jesus lived under?

2. What does the author say Jesus' crucifixion was based upon?

3. Which member of Jesus' family lived in Jerusalem?

4. Whose writings about Jesus' resurrection does the author examine?

5. What does the author think that Jesus' casting out of demons is a metaphor for?

Short Essay Questions

1. What parallels does cross-cultural research draw between Jesus' teachings and other philosophies?

2. What does the author say about Barabbas in this section?

3. Why does the author think crucifixion was the ultimate form of punishment?

4. Why does the author think Jesus' followers developed stories about what happened to Jesus' body?

5. What does the author say is the intention of Jesus' nature miracles?

6. What does the author say about Pontius Pilate?

7. What does the author say was the intention of the resurrection stories?

8. What effect did the patrron/client relationship have on Greco-Roman society?

9. How does the author interpret the story of Jesus casting demons into a herd of pigs?

10. What was Jesus' opinion of Bethany?

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