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John Dominic Crossan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the unnamed woman from?
(a) Jeruselum.
(b) Nazareth.
(c) Bethleham.
(d) Bethany.

2. What does the author say Jesus' crucifixion was based upon?
(a) Word of mouth.
(b) Fact.
(c) Myth.
(d) Interpretation.

3. What does the author say defined the actions and intentions of anyone who helped write the New Testament?
(a) Roman law.
(b) Mythology.
(c) Mental instability.
(d) Faith.

4. What does the author say that miraculous is the primary anchor of?
(a) The Kingdom of God.
(b) Blind faith.
(c) Religious orientation.
(d) Human nature.

5. Whose writings about Jesus' resurrection does the author examine?
(a) St. Mark's.
(b) St. Luke's.
(c) St. David's.
(d) St. Paul's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of Part Four?

2. What does the author say was a key aspect of the Greco-Roman culture of that time?

3. What does the author say must be present for oppressed groups to revolt?

4. What are the two traditional spiritual responses to evil in the world?

5. What does the author state was different about Jesus and his beliefs about the Kingdom of God?

Short Essay Questions

1. What parallels does cross-cultural research draw between Jesus' teachings and other philosophies?

2. How does the author interpret the story of Jesus casting demons into a herd of pigs?

3. Why did Jesus' followers reinterpret history to suit their own purposes?

4. What effect did the patrron/client relationship have on Greco-Roman society?

5. What influence does the author suggest that the Cynics had on Jesus' teachings?

6. What do the two quotes at the beginning of the section comment on?

7. What does the quote at the beginning of part five comment on?

8. Why does the author think Jesus' followers developed stories about what happened to Jesus' body?

9. What does the quote at the beginning of part six comment on?

10. In what way does the author think Jesus challenged society by touching the leper?

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