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John Dominic Crossan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disease does the author compare AIDs to in terms of the reaction of society towards it?
(a) Conumption.
(b) Polio.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Leprosy.

2. Who does the author call an ordinary second-rank Roman governor?
(a) Michael Corleone.
(b) Pontius Pilate.
(c) Gianluca Barrabbas.
(d) Julius Caesar.

3. What is the name of the man Jesus was said to have brought to life?
(a) Simon.
(b) David.
(c) Judas.
(d) Lazarus.

4. What is the first idea that the author challenges about Jesus in this section?
(a) He did not walk on water.
(b) Judas did not betray him.
(c) He did not send out twelve apostles to spread his word.
(d) Jesus was not Jewish.

5. Who would eat the remains of a man left on a cross?
(a) The upper-class Romans.
(b) Birds and dogs.
(c) Lions and tigers.
(d) The poor.

6. What does the author say the revelations in the New Testament were defined by?
(a) The majorities inability to read.
(b) The need to communicate to the upper-classes.
(c) The need to get past the Roman censors.
(d) Struggle for power within the Christian community.

7. What does the author say the New Testament was trying to echo?
(a) Greek philosophy.
(b) Old Testament prophecies.
(c) Roman law.
(d) Greek plays.

8. What does the author define disease as?
(a) An individual experience.
(b) A social stigma.
(c) A personal hell.
(d) A soul destroyer.

9. Who does the author think may have been the true author of the Gospel of St. Mark?
(a) Bethany.
(b) The Virgin Mary.
(c) Mary Magdelene.
(d) Sarah.

10. Which Greek philosophers does the author say inspired Jesus?
(a) The Cynics.
(b) Plato.
(c) Socrates.
(d) Virgil.

11. Who does the author say reinterprets the circumstances of Jesus' death?
(a) The Egyptians.
(b) The Romans.
(c) The People's Movement.
(d) The Christian Movement.

12. What is the title of Part Six?
(a) How Many Years Was Easter Sunday.
(b) Presents Sent to Deprave.
(c) Days of Yore.
(d) The Dogs Beneath the Cross.

13. What does the author say the Cynics challenged?
(a) Class systems.
(b) Traditional ideas.
(c) The need for war.
(d) Dietary matters.

14. Which of the following does the author not mention as one of the constraints Jesus lived under?
(a) Gender.
(b) Faith.
(c) Economic.
(d) Marriage.

15. Complete the following title: "The Arts of..."
(a) Resistance.
(b) Revolution.
(c) Faith.
(d) Laughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. The man who asked for Jesus' body after His death was Joseph of ______________.

2. Why does the author claim Jesus' followers developed stories about what happened to Jesus' body?

3. What does the author say the early Christian community was not immune to?

4. Which festival was Barabbas' release meant to honor?

5. What does the author think that Jesus' casting out of demons is a metaphor for?

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