Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography Character Descriptions

John Dominic Crossan
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Jesus Christ - He was born into poverty, was probably illiterate and mostly uneducated, was raised in a family with several siblings, and as He grew into manhood became a preacher of what was radical liberal thought for that time period.

John the Baptist - According to the Bible, he was a kind of herald, a precursor to Jesus, foretelling His coming and manifestation as the Messiah and urging the people of Israel, Jew and Roman alike, to be ready for the Messiah's arrival.

Moses - In the Old Testament of the Bible, he was appointed and inspired by God to bring to the Jewish people his laws, the Ten Commandments, and lead them out of slavery to the Pharaoh of Egypt and into the land promised them.

Josephus - The author goes to pains to point out that while this man and his writings were unarguably...

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