Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Dominic Crossan
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• The author explains how he aims to try to come to an understanding of the historical realities of the life and teachings of Jesus.
• The author explains that his process of research included three components; cross-cultural anthropology, Greco-Roman and Jewish history and literary and textual context.
• The author explains that while he has an understanding of who Jesus was and why his teachings have become so influential, they have become increasingly difficult to live by.
• The author defines his book as one of research as opposed to one of faith. However, he states his intention was not to undermine the Christian faith, but add depth to it.

Part One, A Tale of Two Gods

• The author states that within two centuries, two different men were proclaimed as saviors. The first man was Augustus and the second man was Jesus.
• Of the four gospels in the New Testament...

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