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Martha Grimes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who promises to come get Melrose, Vivian, Agatha, and Ruthven when they are stranded at the Jerusalem Inn during a storm?
(a) The local police.
(b) Mrs. Seaingham.
(c) Charles Seaingham.
(d) Jury.

2. What is St. Leger so concerned about that happened the night before Beatrice's murder?
(a) That Tom was out on skis so late at night.
(b) That someone tried to poison her own drink.
(c) That she heard people yelling but didn't investigate to see who or why.
(d) That she got into a fight with Beatrice.

3. How does Jury react to learning that Melrose is in the area when he arrives at the Jerusalem Inn?
(a) He is angry because he is creeping in on his case.
(b) He is jealous because Melrose is dating Jury's old girlfriend.
(c) He is glad because they have worked together before.
(d) He is sad because they used to be good friends.

4. For how long does Charles predict his guests will be snowed in at his home?
(a) One week.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Three days.
(d) Five days.

5. What forces Danielle into service as a maid?
(a) She knows too much about the royalty.
(b) Her husband ran off with the money she had saved.
(c) She is in an accident.
(d) She has an affair with her old boss, who fires her.

6. What does William McQuade do for a living?
(a) He is a writer.
(b) He is a famous actor.
(c) He is a painter.
(d) He is a plumber.

7. Who is horrified at the thought of Melrose, Vivian, Agatha, and Ruthven getting a room at the Jerusalem Inn when it appears they are stranded from the storm?
(a) Melrose.
(b) Ruthven.
(c) Agatha.
(d) Vivian.

8. Who is Mrs. Krimp?
(a) The owner of the Margate Hotel.
(b) A housekeeper at the Margate Hotel.
(c) A waitress at the Margate Hotel.
(d) A guest at the Margate Hotel.

9. What do the other guests think of Beatrice's writing?
(a) That it is very intellectual.
(b) They don't know about it because she uses a pen name.
(c) That it is kind of trashy.
(d) That it is very fancy.

10. Where does Jury find Isobel Dunsany?
(a) At her favorite pub.
(b) On his doorstep; she has come to talk to him.
(c) In the town chuch.
(d) At a run-down hotel.

11. What does Melrose think of Grace Seaingham?
(a) That she is every bit the lady.
(b) That she is very elegant.
(c) All of these answers are correct.
(d) That she is an excellent hostess.

12. What is Melrose's impression of Susan Assington?
(a) That she is not very bright.
(b) That she is the likely murderer.
(c) That she is hiding something.
(d) That she is very, very snobby.

13. What weapon does Jury decide Beatrice is killed with?
(a) A rope.
(b) A shotgun.
(c) A kitchen knife.
(d) Rat poison.

14. What secret did Helen tell Miss Hargreaves-Brown first?
(a) That she was pregnant.
(b) That she used to sneak out of the school at night.
(c) That she was having an affair.
(d) That she was adopted.

15. Whom does Cullen arrive with at Beatrice's murder scene?
(a) Parmenger.
(b) No one.
(c) Trimm.
(d) Melrose.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Robbie Lyte returned to Bonaventure?

2. What kind of storm interferes with several characters' plans to get to Charles Seaingham's home?

3. Who thinks Grace was the intended target (instead of Beatrice)?

4. What does Tommy think of his guardian?

5. Who is Lady St. Leger in charge of?

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