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Martha Grimes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During his first visit to the Jerusalem Inn, who does Jury learn Helen once talked to there?
(a) Chrissy.
(b) A scary man no one knew.
(c) Robbie Lyte.
(d) Another woman.

2. Where does Jury spend a day with his cousin after he meets Helen?
(a) In New Jersey.
(b) In Newcastle.
(c) In New Binghamton.
(d) In New Hampshire.

3. Who is Charles Seaingham?
(a) A critic of the arts.
(b) A very famous professor.
(c) A very famous inspector.
(d) A very famous inventor.

4. What was found near Helen's body?
(a) A note from the killer.
(b) Accupuncture needles.
(c) Her heart medication.
(d) Herbs.

5. To whom is Vivian engaged?
(a) An Italian man.
(b) A French man.
(c) Jury.
(d) Melrose.

6. Who is Cyril?
(a) Racer's daughter.
(b) Racer's cat.
(c) Racer's secretary.
(d) Racer's wife.

7. How does Helen treat her medical condition?
(a) With chemotherapy.
(b) With herbs and teas.
(c) With medicine.
(d) With accupressure.

8. What is Melrose's last name?
(a) Plant.
(b) Planet.
(c) Plans.
(d) Plank.

9. What holiday season is approaching in the novel?
(a) The Christmas season.
(b) The Thanksgiving season.
(c) Easter.
(d) Summer Solstice.

10. What kind of medical condition does Helen have?
(a) A heart condition.
(b) A brain condition.
(c) Cancer.
(d) A blood condition.

11. What does Cullen report about crime in Washington?
(a) That it has recently increased dramatically.
(b) That it only happens in the bad neighborhoods.
(c) That it never happens.
(d) That it happens all the time.

12. What does Jury finally realize Maureen hates talking about?
(a) Romantic relationships.
(b) Her own family history.
(c) The dead in general.
(d) Her beloved Helen.

13. What does Maureen suspect of the sibling relationship between Frederick and Helen?
(a) That they secretly hated each other.
(b) That it was something more than that.
(c) That they orchestrated the deaths of Helen's parents.
(d) That they commited crimes together.

14. What does Jury do back in Helen's home that he hopes will help with his investigation?
(a) Dust for fingerprints.
(b) Sleep there so he can "get a feel for what she was like."
(c) Take a few of her personal items.
(d) Take pictures.

15. Where does Racer work?
(a) The London CIA office.
(b) No where; he is a private investigator.
(c) The London FBI.
(d) Scotland Yard.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Helen work?

2. Who is Maureen Littleton?

3. What does Racer tell Jury about his request for a search warrant for Helen's home?

4. What does Jury buy for his cousin's children?

5. How does Helen seem when Jury first finds her?

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