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Martha Grimes
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Pub Stop, and Part III, London Times.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous artist will be at Seaingham's home for the holidays?
(a) Parmenger.
(b) Helen.
(c) Monet.
(d) Jury.

2. For approximately how long does Racer yell at Jury in Chapter 7?
(a) 30 minutes.
(b) 2 hours.
(c) 15 minutes.
(d) 60 minutes.

3. What does Racer tell Jury about his request for a search warrant for Helen's home?
(a) That it's his choice if he wants to request it.
(b) That he should go ahead and request it.
(c) That he should probably not request it.
(d) That if he does request it, he'll be fired.

4. What small gift does Addie give to Jury during his visit to Bonaventure School?
(a) A cracker.
(b) A napkin.
(c) A jelly bean.
(d) A sock.

5. Who is Father Rourke?
(a) Jury's dad, who always insists on being addressed formally.
(b) Helen's father.
(c) The mayor and founding father of the town Helen lived in.
(d) A priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Racer yell at his secretary?

2. For how long was Helen at a very expensive school?

3. What is the name of Frederick Parmenger's father?

4. Who is Chief Superintendent Racer?

5. What does Jury say to Miss Hargreaves-Brown's accent?

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