Objects & Places from Jerusalem Inn

Martha Grimes
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Scotland Yard - The location where the protagonist works as a superintendent.

Newcastle - The place where the protagonist's cousin lives and where he spends Christmas.

Washington - The location where the protagonist stops to look around and where he meets a woman in a graveyard.

St. Timothy's Graveyard - This place is where the protagonist meets a woman who is later poisoned.

Northumbria - This location serves as the headquarters of the police who are first on hand to investigate a female character's death.

Bonaventure School - This place is really nothing more than an orphanage and where a character sometimes visited with small things for the children.

The Joke-Shop - This location is a place that people call the "unemployment office."

Margate Hotel - This location is where another character currently is staying -- and a place that has now become nothing more than a...

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