Jerusalem Inn Character Descriptions

Martha Grimes
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Richard Jury

Referred to simply by his last name throughout the story, this character -- who is the protagonist -- is a superintendent with Scotland Yard. He is single, handsome, six-foot-two, and serious.

Melrose Plant

The former Earl of Caverness who has given up his title, this person is an acquaintance of the protagonist and the two sometimes work cases together.

Robbie Lyte

This young man is described as "slow," beats another character at Pac Man at the Jerusalem Inn, and is later revealed to having been switched at birth.

Helen Minton

This character is the half sister to another, though she believes them to be cousins. She dies from being poisoned.

Nellie Pond

This character is a librarian who lives next door to a murder victim.

Miss Hargreaves-Brown

The mistress of Bonaventure School who reveals to the protagonist that two characters were actually half-siblings rather than cousins...

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