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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of suit would Jeeves prefer Bertie wear?
(a) Snazzy black leather with a shine.
(b) Simple brown or blue with a hint of quiet twill.
(c) Highly colored Irish tweed.
(d) Bright green livery suit.

2. How does Bingo describe Honoria Glossop?
(a) Tender goddess.
(b) Crazy, lazy lady.
(c) Harsh taskmaster.
(d) Wanted by the police.

3. What is the name of Uncle Willoughby's book?
(a) Willoughby and the fair maiden.
(b) Recollections of a Long Life.
(c) Things I wish I'd done sooner.
(d) The left hand is quicker.

4. What does Bertie recommend doing to the child on the bridge?
(a) Get him to cut the lawn.
(b) Teach him Latin.
(c) Send him to boarding school.
(d) Shove him in the pond.

5. What does Bertie do after he drinks the hangover libation?
(a) Does a little jig.
(b) Jumps out the window.
(c) Throws up.
(d) Hires Jeeves as his valet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lord Worplesdon like to dine in?

2. How does Jeeves describe Bertie to the temporary valet replacement?

3. How does Bertie describe Honoria Glossop?

4. When Bertie arrives in Ditteredge, where is Honoria?

5. In Chapter 2, whom is the girl Aunt Agatha wants Bertie to marry?

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