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Objective: Chapter 1 Today we introduce the book by focusing on the book's author, P.G. Wodehouse. As the students will not yet have read the book, this is a wonderful opportunity to set the book into the context of the author's vast body of work. Our objective is to introduce P.G. Wodehouse and thus the work "Jeeves Takes Charge."

1) Class discussion: Open the class by introducing the author, P.G. Wodehouse. Have a picture of him. Share a brief biography and what his writing was known for. Wodehouse was acknowledged during his life time as "a comic genius" and a master of farce. Briefly share what time period he was writing in and what his major successes were. These characters, Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves, were Wodehouse's most timeless and lasting creations. There are many stories and novels about them, which continue to be popular...

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