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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Trotter ask Dahlia to give her if she wants the newspaper sale to go through.
(a) An investment for Percy's play.
(b) Her painting by John Constable.
(c) Her pearl necklace.
(d) Her chef, Anatole.

2. What does Jeeves suggest they do to solve Dahlia's problem?
(a) Stage a robbery.
(b) Borrow some money from Percy.
(c) Confess the truth.
(d) Blackmail Mr. Trotter.

3. What does Mr. Trotter say Percy must do when they leave Brinkley?
(a) Go back and finish university.
(b) Move out of the family home.
(c) Start working for the family business.
(d) Sell his car and get his mother's necklace back.

4. What horrors does L.G. Trotter lament about in Chapter 20?
(a) The horrors of old age.
(b) The horrors of country life.
(c) The horrors of marriage.
(d) The horrors of business.

5. Why is Percy wealthy?
(a) He sells women's underwear.
(b) He bets on horses.
(c) He writes mystery novels.
(d) He writes plays.

6. What weapon does Bertie ask Jeeves for in Chapter 16?
(a) A cricket bat.
(b) A pistol.
(c) A cosh.
(d) A pocket knife.

7. Where did Jeeves gain his knowledge about jewelry?
(a) By studying under an aunt.
(b) By having bought a lot of jewely for previous employers.
(c) By working at a jewelry shop.
(d) By studying under a cousin.

8. How does Stilton act toward Bertie at breakfast in Chapter 20?
(a) Aggressively.
(b) Cordial.
(c) Cautiously.
(d) With concern.

9. What has Stilton sold Percy?
(a) A draft of Florence's book.
(b) Bertie's ticket for the darts competition.
(c) A pair of tennis shoes.
(d) A pearl necklace.

10. Why doesn't Stilton want to hurt Bertie anymore in Chapter 20?
(a) Stilton feels sorry for Bertie.
(b) Stilton has been paid a bribe by Jeeves.
(c) Stilton is happy to be free from Florence.
(d) Stilton is back together with Florence.

11. What does Bertie imagine at the beginning of Chapter 19?
(a) Being questioned by the police.
(b) Jeeves being thrown in jail.
(c) Being disowned by his family.
(d) Having to marry Florence.

12. What does Bertie note the Wooster Code would not allow him to do in Chapter 21?
(a) To accept a knighthood.
(b) To let the Trotters speak ill of his aunt and uncle.
(c) To let Jeeves take the blame for taking the necklace.
(d) To let Dahlia continue to lie.

13. What does Jeeves give to Dahlia when he arrives in Chapter 12?
(a) Bertie's drink.
(b) A copy of the newspaper.
(c) A cup of tea.
(d) Her laundry.

14. What does Florence recall Dahlia said about Bertie?
(a) Sweet things.
(b) Ridiculous things.
(c) Unbelieveable things.
(d) Horrible things.

15. Where does Stilton tell Bertie he will meet him in Chapter 14?
(a) The hall.
(b) The garden.
(c) The dining room.
(d) The study.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Florence hug and kiss Bertie in Chapter 22?

2. What is the name of Aunt Agatha's son?

3. What did Dahlia do before she pawned her possessions?

4. What does Mr. Trotter accuse Mrs. Trotter of doing in Chapter 21?

5. What item does Dahlia direct Bertie to find?

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