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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Florence recall seeing Bertie buy?
(a) A chess set.
(b) A top hat.
(c) A ring.
(d) Her novel.

2. What does Stilton claim he has brought for Florence?
(a) Her research notes.
(b) Her wrist watch.
(c) Her shawl.
(d) Her mail.

3. Where does she assume Seppings found the pearl necklace?
(a) On the floor.
(b) In Tom's desk.
(c) In Jeeves' pocket.
(d) In a cupboard.

4. What does Daphne say she hates in Chapter 17?
(a) Rowing.
(b) Mystery novels.
(c) Moustaches.
(d) Hunting.

5. How does Daphne recognize Stilton?
(a) From a dinner party they both attended.
(b) From the photo in Florence's book.
(c) From her brother's school photos.
(d) From his rowing.

6. What weapon does Bertie ask Jeeves for in Chapter 16?
(a) A cricket bat.
(b) A pistol.
(c) A cosh.
(d) A pocket knife.

7. What does Spode believe happened to him in Chapter 18?
(a) He was knocked on the head.
(b) He was drugged.
(c) He fainted from the heat.
(d) He had vertigo.

8. What excuse does Bertie give Florence for climbing into her room?
(a) He thought it was Stilton's room.
(b) He locked himself out of the house.
(c) Percy dared him to do it.
(d) He spotted a robber climbing the ladder.

9. What did Aunt Dahlia do to Spode in Chapter 18?
(a) Planted the stolen necklace in his pocket.
(b) Kicked him out of the house.
(c) Slipped a sedative in his drink.
(d) Knocked him unconscious.

10. What does Tom declare to Bertie and Dahlia in Chapter 14?
(a) That theTrotters are leaving Brinkley.
(b) That there is a robber in the area.
(c) That he is bankrupt.
(d) That the police have been called.

11. For what reason does Bertie say Stilton can't hurt him?
(a) They are guests at Brinkley.
(b) They are partners for darts.
(c) Florence would never taken Stilton back if he did.
(d) Bertie would have Stilton arrested.

12. Where does Stilton chase Bertie in Chapter 17?
(a) Up and down the stairs.
(b) Around the dining table.
(c) In the garden.
(d) Around the couch.

13. What item does Dahlia direct Bertie to find?
(a) A safe.
(b) A ladder.
(c) A rope.
(d) A trenchcoat.

14. Where does Jeeves say he found the necklace?
(a) Under his bed.
(b) Outside in the courtyard.
(c) In the hallway.
(d) In the kitchen.

15. What does Jeeves have extensive knowledge of?
(a) Automobiles.
(b) Jewelry.
(c) The publishing industry.
(d) Perrenial plants.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has attracted Florence to her new love in Chapter 22?

2. How does Bertie refer to Jeeves in Chapter 19?

3. Where did Seppings find the necklace?

4. What does Mrs. Trotter accuse Jeeves of in Chapter 21?

5. What does Bertie ask Percy for in Chapter 22?

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