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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Trotter rise to call in Chapter 21?
(a) Her lawyer.
(b) Jeeves.
(c) The police.
(d) Mr. Trotter.

2. Where does Stilton tell Bertie he will meet him in Chapter 14?
(a) The garden.
(b) The hall.
(c) The study.
(d) The dining room.

3. What does Lord Sidcup do for a living?
(a) Runs a horse track.
(b) Manufactures salt and pepper shakers.
(c) Writes travel pamphlets.
(d) Sells women's underwear.

4. What item did Dahlia pawn?
(a) A silver tea set.
(b) A gold watch.
(c) A diamond bracelet.
(d) A pearl necklace.

5. When Bertie climbs into one of the bedrooms, what does he bump into?
(a) A rocking chair.
(b) A bed.
(c) A table.
(d) A vase.

6. Why is Percy wealthy?
(a) He writes mystery novels.
(b) He bets on horses.
(c) He sells women's underwear.
(d) He writes plays.

7. What excuse does Bertie give Florence for climbing into her room?
(a) He spotted a robber climbing the ladder.
(b) He locked himself out of the house.
(c) He thought it was Stilton's room.
(d) Percy dared him to do it.

8. Why is Dahlia distraught in Chapter 16?
(a) She has not been able to blackmail Spode.
(b) She found out Bertie refuses to marry Florence.
(c) Her misdeed has been discovered by her husband.
(d) Mr.Trotter is ill.

9. Where did Jeeves gain his knowledge about jewelry?
(a) By working at a jewelry shop.
(b) By studying under a cousin.
(c) By studying under an aunt.
(d) By having bought a lot of jewely for previous employers.

10. What did Jeeves believe of the necklace when he found it?
(a) That it belonged to one of the maids.
(b) That it belonged to Florence.
(c) That it was dropped by a robber.
(d) That Bertie had lost it before delivering it to his aunt.

11. What does Florence recall Dahlia said about Bertie?
(a) Horrible things.
(b) Unbelieveable things.
(c) Sweet things.
(d) Ridiculous things.

12. What is Florence's mood like in Chapter 22?
(a) Florence is angry.
(b) Florence is content.
(c) Florence is giddy.
(d) Florence is distraught.

13. Who owns the necklace Bertie has in his possession?
(a) Daphne.
(b) Florence.
(c) Dahlia.
(d) Mrs.Trotter.

14. What does Bertie note the Wooster Code would not allow him to do in Chapter 21?
(a) To let Dahlia continue to lie.
(b) To let the Trotters speak ill of his aunt and uncle.
(c) To let Jeeves take the blame for taking the necklace.
(d) To accept a knighthood.

15. In regards to Bertie, what does Florence admit she likes the idea of doing?
(a) Molding him.
(b) Cooking for him.
(c) Dedicating a book to him.
(d) Marrying him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What horrors does L.G. Trotter lament about in Chapter 20?

2. What item does Dahlia direct Bertie to find?

3. What does Bertie talk about with L.G. Totter in Chapter 18?

4. What does Mr. Trotter accuse Mrs. Trotter of doing in Chapter 21?

5. Where does Jeeves go in Chapter 15?

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