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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scene 7 echoes the scene in the biblical story of Job, in which God points out that Job has done exactly as he _______.
(a) Expected.
(b) Likes.
(c) Wanted.
(d) Predicted.

2. Why does Nickles think that J.B. will not take his life back?
(a) Because that's not the way it works for him.
(b) Because he doesn't think he deserves it.
(c) Because he doesn't want to suffer again.
(d) Because he doesn't want his life back.

3. Zophar, Eliphaz, and Bildad offer what type of answer to J.B.'s question about what he has done?
(a) Enigmatic.
(b) Clear.
(c) Distorted.
(d) Blurred.

4. Nickles complains that God has done what, tumbling a whole city down to blister one man's skin with agony?
(a) Gone over the top.
(b) Gone over the deep end.
(c) Become vengeful.
(d) Been obsessive.

5. What does Nickles hear before he leaves J.B.?
(a) Someone at the door.
(b) Someone in the garage.
(c) A bell.
(d) A telephone ring.

Short Answer Questions

1. J.B. says that unless there is guilt, what has no meaning?

2. J.B. says he's tired of what when Nickles argues with him about the end?

3. What makes Zuss and Nickles able to put on their masks again?

4. The quote, "His will, our peace," comes from what book?

5. J.B., even though he is covered with sores, says that God only punishes if he has what?

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