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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The second traditional aspect of man's relationship with God is fear of His _________.
(a) Punishment.
(b) Vengeance.
(c) Power.
(d) Retribution.

2. After Sarah sings her song, the children ask J.B. to do what?
(a) Sing a different song.
(b) Play the piano.
(c) Sing the same song.
(d) Put the train together.

3. When the lights fade at the end of Scene 1, what shadows are left on the ceiling of the tent?
(a) The shadows of God and Satan.
(b) The shadows of Mr. Zuss and Mr. Nickles.
(c) The shadows of the God-mask and Satan-mask.
(d) The shadows of death and destruction.

4. To Zuss and Nickles, J.B. is playing a role in deciding the argument between what two entities?
(a) God and Satan.
(b) Praise and thanks.
(c) Good and evil.
(d) Fear and faith.

5. In the Prologue, man is compared to a wingless, sightless insect that does what?
(a) Lands and gets run over by a car.
(b) Bangs itself against a window pane.
(c) Gets squashed by the boot of someone larger.
(d) Slams itself into a windshield.

Short Answer Questions

1. When J.B. makes a reference to Sarah's love of flowers, he is referring to what?

2. Allegory is a form of extended ______.

3. How many maids wait near the table that J.B. and his family are sitting at?

4. J.B. says that Sarah "thinks you can choose among your _____: well you don't, you love the lot of them."

5. Where is the story of Job found?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Zuss think that nothing would influence the way J.B. acts, and that certainly being poor will not influence him?

2. Why do Sarah and J.B. let the drunken soldiers into their home?

3. What are Sarah and J.B.'s reactions to the death of David?

4. Who is Mr. Nickles?

5. What does Nickles think would make a difference in J.B.'s performance of Job?

6. What is Sarah holding in her hand when she returns to J.B., and why?

7. Describe the Satan-mask and the God-mask.

8. Why does Nickles say that J.B. would never be willing to take his life back?

9. When the maids bring out the food, what do the children and J.B. say?

10. Why does Nickles think that God is laughing at Job?

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