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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word characterizes Zuss' and Nickles' thoughts about J.B.'s acting abilities?
(a) Grand.
(b) Negative.
(c) Positive.
(d) Sympathetic.

2. Why do J.B. and Sarah wait to call the police?
(a) They thought she would simply come home.
(b) They thought she was at a friend's house.
(c) They thought nothing was wrong.
(d) They thought they could find her on their own.

3. At the end of Scene 2, after Zuss and Nickles quote lines, the lights change and the audience is taken where?
(a) To a funeral.
(b) Back to the dining room table.
(c) To a church.
(d) To the scene of an accident.

4. When the writer uses words that begin with the same sound to get the attention of the reader, it is called what?
(a) Dissonance.
(b) Alliteration.
(c) Analogy.
(d) Consonance.

5. Why does Sarah leave J.B.?
(a) Because he reminds her of the children.
(b) Because he is covered with sores.
(c) Because he believes her to be guilty of sin.
(d) Because he continues in his beliefs.

Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing J.B.'s body covered in blisters and everything that has happened, Sarah calls God what?

2. The soldier mentions doing the best they could for David, but says that they didn't have the right length of _________.

3. The women, in Scene 8, believe that the skin represents what?

4. Allegory is a form of extended ______.

5. After Sarah sings her song, the children ask J.B. to do what?

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