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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After arguing about the value of suffering, what does Nickles challenge Zuss to do?
(a) Change his point of view.
(b) See things from the other side.
(c) Convince Sarah of his point of view.
(d) Put on his mask.

2. Why does Sarah leave J.B.?
(a) Because he believes her to be guilty of sin.
(b) Because he reminds her of the children.
(c) Because he is covered with sores.
(d) Because he continues in his beliefs.

3. According to Mr. Zuss, why does Job not have a right to question God?
(a) Because God is the Creator.
(b) Because God is God.
(c) Because he wasn't worthy.
(d) Because he's only a man.

4. Where is the Prologue set?
(a) At a ball game.
(b) In a circus tent.
(c) At a concessions stand.
(d) In a football stadium.

5. After J.B. calms God down, what does he do?
(a) Forgave God.
(b) Forgave Sarah.
(c) Forgave Nickles.
(d) Forgave himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. The quote, "His will, our peace" comes from what author?

2. Why does Nickles think that J.B. will not take his life back?

3. Nickles climbs up the ladder at the end of Scene 8 and calls God by his name in what language?

4. The women, in Scene 8, believe that the heart is always what?

5. Existentialism is a philosophical movement of what century?

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