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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nickles want to do when he climbs down the ladder?
(a) Help Sarah understand what is occurring.
(b) Help J.B. understand what is occurring.
(c) Laugh at Sarah and her faith.
(d) Laugh at J.B. and his faith.

2. What does Mr. Nickles sell?
(a) Popcorn.
(b) Hats.
(c) Soda.
(d) Ice cream.

3. At the end of Scene 2, after Zuss and Nickles quote lines, the lights change and the audience is taken where?
(a) Back to the dining room table.
(b) To a church.
(c) To the scene of an accident.
(d) To a funeral.

4. At the beginning of Scene 2, what do Zuss and Nickles remove?
(a) Their belts.
(b) Their uniforms.
(c) Their costumes.
(d) Their masks.

5. When J.B. and Sarah are arguing over whether God's blessings are earned or simply given, what happens to interrupt them?
(a) One child asks Sarah to put him to bed.
(b) One child asks for a story.
(c) One child becomes sick.
(d) One child asks for the wishbone.

Short Answer Questions

1. There are two traditional aspects of man's relationship with God as portrayed in the story. The first is ______ in God's love.

2. What makes Zuss and Nickles able to put on their masks again?

3. What does Mr. Zuss sell?

4. When God doesn't respond to Nickles' call at the end of Scene 8, he suggests that someone needs to appear. Who is it?

5. Sarah says that you cannot take God's blessings as a gift, but that God is owed _______ in return.

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