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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sarah compares their children to J.B., saying that they both show gratitude the way a woman does what?
(a) Wears nice jewelry.
(b) Wears a nice dress.
(c) Uses purses.
(d) Wears a nice pair of shoes.

2. What does Mr. Nickles sell?
(a) Popcorn.
(b) Hats.
(c) Ice cream.
(d) Soda.

3. J.B. says that Sarah "thinks you can choose among your _____: well you don't, you love the lot of them."
(a) Children.
(b) Fruits.
(c) Flowers.
(d) Gifts.

4. Nickles says that the real reason for suffering is to learn that everything ends in what?
(a) Death and sorrow.
(b) Death and dirt.
(c) Death and pity.
(d) Death and emptiness.

5. At the beginning of Scene 2, what do Zuss and Nickles remove?
(a) Their masks.
(b) Their uniforms.
(c) Their costumes.
(d) Their belts.

Short Answer Questions

1. The argument of the play is that the only way to live and transcend suffering is through what?

2. In the Prologue, man is compared to a wingless, sightless insect that does what?

3. J.B. represents what side of belief in God?

4. Mr. Zuss says that evil is never ______.

5. The lesson of the allegory that this play represents is that we can face whatever happens with acceptance and grace. Which character represents this viewpoint?

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