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Acting Class

Act out the play, or a scene of the play, for an audience.

Board Game

Design a board game, like Candyland, that is based on this play.

MySpace Page

Design a MySpace page, on paper, for your favorite character.

Design Masks

Based on the descriptions given in the play, design a God-mask and a Satan-mask.

Play Review

Pretend that you are a play reviewer for a newspaper. Write a review of a production of the play that you have just seen for the newspaper.


Write a song based on the play.

Costume Design

On paper, design the costumes for all the characters in the play.


Create illustrations for the written version of the play. There should be at least one illustration per scene.

Design a Playbill

Design a playbill, based on sample playbills, for your production of the play.


Rewrite the play as...

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