J. B. Character Descriptions

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Bildad - This character is one of the Three Comforters who spouts jargon-filled clichés and explains suffering from a Marxist viewpoint.

David - This character is thirteen-years-old at the start of the play, and, as a young man, becomes a soldier.

Distant Voice - This character comes from offstage and is heard speaking lines attributed to God in the King James Bible.

Eliphaz - This character is one of the Three Comforters and lectures on guilt like a pompous professor.

J. B. - This character is a perfect and upright man, a successful New England banker and a millionaire; blessed with a loving wife, five children, and a comfortable life.

Jonathan - This character and his sister are killed by a teenage drunk driver in Scene 4.

Mary - This character is twelve-years-old when the play opens.

Nickles - This character is an old, has-been actor...

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