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• The setting is a circus tent.

• Two elderly men, old actors, appear.

• One of the elderly men is Mr. Zuss, a balloon seller. The other is Mr. Nickles, a popcorn seller.

• They arrive at the foot of the stage and describe the setting: the stage is heaven, and the audience is earth.

• The two men bicker about who is selling the most merchandise and prepare to give a performance.

• Zuss and Nickles look around for the masks they are supposed to wear.

• Zuss is supposed to play God.

• Nickles suggests that God laughs at Job; God took his family, destroyed his livelihood, and abandoned him without any hope of Job learning why.

• Zuss says that Nickles isn't supposed to play Job in the play because there is always someone willing to be Job. Nickles is going to play Satan.

• Zuss and Nickles argue over the masks, and...

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