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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who understands, like Joe, what it feels like to feel nothing inside?
(a) Dorcas.
(b) Violet.
(c) Rose Dear.
(d) Alice.

2. What does Violet find in the bottom of the parrot's cage?
(a) A pen.
(b) A necklace.
(c) A knife.
(d) A shoe.

3. Who does Alice try to teach Dorcas to avoid?
(a) White male teenagers and adults.
(b) All other blacks.
(c) Social workers and teachers.
(d) The wealthy.

4. What does Violet do when the cotton crop is harvested?
(a) She becomes a teacher.
(b) She stays in the neighborhood and works for a family.
(c) She goes back to Virginia.
(d) She raises children.

5. Why doesn't Violet sleep at night?
(a) The birds are gone.
(b) She sleeps too much during the day.
(c) She is awakened by nightmares.
(d) Joe snores loudly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Violet do after she runs from the funeral home?

2. What does Violet steal during one of her crazy episodes?

3. What does Alice Manfred do for a living?

4. How does Alice describe Dorcas?

5. Who tells Violet Dorcas's address?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter Two, what does Joe tell Dorcas that he never tells Violet?

2. In Chapter Five, how does the author describe Harlem in the springtime?

3. How does Violet learn more about Dorcas in Chapter One? What does she learn?

4. Describe the different things Joe and Violet see in the picture of Dorcas.

5. In Chapter One, how does the narrator describe Violet Trace?

6. Describe the death of Dorcas's mother.

7. Why is Violet known as "Violent" Trace in town?

8. How does the narrator describe the scene in which Violet attacks Dorcas's body?

9. Describe what Violet does with the picture of Dorcas in Chapter One.

10. In Chapter Two, recount the surprise that Malvonne finds behind her refrigerator and her response to it.

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