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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Felice's response to Violet's invitation?
(a) She accepts.
(b) She hugs Violet.
(c) She ignores Violet.
(d) She says she never eats Violet's food.

2. What does Lestory find when he gets back to his cabin?
(a) Golden Gray is passed out in the corner.
(b) Honor is washing blood off the girl's face.
(c) His house is on fire.
(d) His posessions are stolen.

3. Why do Joe and Violet go up on the roof together?
(a) To jump off.
(b) To read a book.
(c) To look at the stars.
(d) To listen to music.

4. Why does Joe want to find Dorcas again?
(a) So he can tell her all about his childhood.
(b) So he can divorce Violet and run away.
(c) So they are happy together again.
(d) So she is safe.

5. Who tells Joe about Dorcas's last words?
(a) Felice.
(b) No one.
(c) Violet.
(d) Dorcas's mother.

6. Who tells Golden Gray where his father lives?
(a) True Belle.
(b) Rose Dear.
(c) Vera Louise.
(d) The town gossip.

7. What reason does the ambulance staff give for their delayed arrival?
(a) They do not give a reason.
(b) Traffic.
(c) Thunderstorms.
(d) Ice.

8. What does True Belle hope Vera Louise does with the extra money her mother gives her?
(a) Spend it on nice clothes.
(b) Use it to buy True Belle's husband and children out of slavery.
(c) Invest it in a bank.
(d) Donate it to a good cause.

9. Why does Joe get a job at the speakeasy?
(a) So he earns lots of extra tips.
(b) Because Felice is also working there.
(c) So he remembers the times he spends with Dorcas.
(d) So he spends time with Violet in the afternoons.

10. What is the relationship between Felice, Joe, and Violet like after Dorcas's death?
(a) Felice becomes a sort of foster daughter.
(b) Felice moves in with Joe and Violet and the three become inseparable.
(c) Felice and Joe begin having an affair without Violet knowing.
(d) Violet and Felice become best friends.

11. What does Vera Louise do with True Belle's wages?
(a) Keeps them "in trust" for her.
(b) Gives them to her for Christmas.
(c) Gives them to local servants.
(d) Spends them on the baby.

12. What other girls are "after" Acton?
(a) No other girls desire Acton.
(b) All of them.
(c) Dorcas's best friend, Felice.
(d) A group of white girls.

13. Who ends up calling an ambulance for Dorcas?
(a) Acton.
(b) Felice.
(c) Joe.
(d) Dorcas.

14. What do Joe and Violet do when they meet at the drugstore?
(a) Fill their neighbors' prescriptions.
(b) Shop for hair supplies.
(c) Fight incessantly.
(d) Have a malt.

15. Who wipes the blood from the woman's face?
(a) The woman wipes her own face.
(b) Golden Gray.
(c) A young black boy caring for Lestory's stock.
(d) An unidentified character.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author describe Acton's appearance from Dorcas's point of view?

2. What does Felice compare Dorcas to?

3. Why do Felice and her mother go to Tiffany's?

4. What is the name of the speakeasy where Joe gets a job?

5. What does Golden Gray do before caring for the naked woman?

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