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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take for Joe and Violet to pay off the debt on their farm?
(a) Six months.
(b) They never pay it off.
(c) Twenty-two years.
(d) Five years.

2. Where does Violet put the picture of Dorcas?
(a) On the front door.
(b) Under Joe's pillow.
(c) On the mantel.
(d) In the oven.

3. What does the author suppose Violet does while Joe is looking out the window and crying?
(a) Set his hair on fire.
(b) Put her arms around him and comfort him.
(c) Pack up her belongings and leave.
(d) Cook breakfast for him.

4. Where does Violet go when she finds out about Joe's affair?
(a) To her mother's house.
(b) Under their bed.
(c) The funeral parlor.
(d) Massachusetts.

5. What does Malvonne do for a living?
(a) Runs a daycare.
(b) Cooks for neighbors.
(c) Delivers newspapers.
(d) Cleans offices.

6. How does Alice describe Dorcas?
(a) Funny but quiet.
(b) Ugly but pleasant.
(c) Beautiful but hardheaded.
(d) Plain but fun-loving.

7. What does Violet see in Dorcas's picture?
(a) A sweet, beautiful woman.
(b) An angry, disturbed teenager.
(c) A friendly, mature girl.
(d) A stubborn girl needing a haircut.

8. What does Joe see in Dorcas's picture?
(a) A woman who looks just like Violet.
(b) An aged, harsh woman.
(c) A scraggly, shy teenager.
(d) A beautiful, sweet girl.

9. What does Violet try to do to Dorcas's face?
(a) Make it look older.
(b) Apply more makeup.
(c) Make it look younger.
(d) Disfigure it with a knife.

10. Where does Violet stop to have two malts?
(a) A jazz club.
(b) The local bar.
(c) Her home.
(d) The drugstore.

11. Why is Joe jealous of the young men on the street?
(a) They have lots of money and good jobs.
(b) They have living parents and loving wives.
(c) They do not have to go searching for women.
(d) They do not have to worry about segregation and racism.

12. What does Joe take with him to the park?
(a) A picture of Dorcas.
(b) A sandwich and his gun.
(c) His sample case of cosmetics.
(d) His walking cane.

13. Who sits on every street corner, according to the author?
(a) Blues musicians.
(b) Single mothers.
(c) Blind beggars.
(d) Young prostitutes.

14. How does the white men refer to the best hunter?
(a) As a witch doctor.
(b) As a farce and a scam.
(c) As a genius.
(d) As a hypnotist.

15. What is the reaction from Joe's friends and family when he and Violet move to the city?
(a) They are glad Joe and Violet are moving away.
(b) They are disappointed and vow never to speak to Joe again.
(c) They are overjoyed for the couple.
(d) They are surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Joe pray sends him a sign as he sits in the bushes?

2. Who does the best hunter choose to be his apprentices?

3. What does Violet wear that makes her look crazy?

4. What does Violet steal during one of her crazy episodes?

5. What does Joe buy Dorcas the first day they meet?

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