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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who understands, like Joe, what it feels like to feel nothing inside?
(a) Rose Dear.
(b) Violet.
(c) Dorcas.
(d) Alice.

2. What happens when Dorcas eats candy?
(a) She becomes depressed.
(b) She gets hives.
(c) She becomes bloated.
(d) She breaks out.

3. Why is Violet committed to gaining weight?
(a) She is trying to get the hips and backside she has as a young woman.
(b) She thinks it makes Joe feel sorry for her.
(c) She wants to be admitted to the hospital.
(d) She thinks it makes her look crazier.

4. What does Violet do after she runs from the funeral home?
(a) Releases all the birds from their cages.
(b) Takes a train back to Virginia.
(c) Attacks Joe while he is sleeping.
(d) Tries to commit suicide.

5. What does Rose tell people about why her husband leaves?
(a) He is fed up with the price of coffee and his daughter's physical ailments.
(b) He is very sick and has to get professional help.
(c) He is running from the police.
(d) He is going to college in New York City.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument is constantly played during the parade?

2. Why is Dorcas rejected by teenage boys her own age?

3. When does Alice realize Dorcas and Joe are having an affair?

4. What does Joe think of when he imagines Dorcas?

5. How does Violet meet Joe?

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