Objects & Places from Jazz

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Harlem - This interdependent black community is home to every comfort and form of assistance, as well as to unthinkable violence.

The Trace's Apartment - This place has a spacious dining room featuring houseplants against the windows, deep comfortable chairs, and plenty of space for Violet to fix her customers' hair.

The Birds - These symbolize the meager hope, joy, and love in Violet's life.

The Apple - Joe compares his love for Dorcas to this object.

The Knife - Violet finds this object in the bottom of the parrot's cage.

Vespers County, Virginia - Joe and Violet are originally from this place, which is also the original home of Rose Dear, True Belle, Vera Louise Gray, and Henry Lestory.

Malvonne's Apartment - This place is where Joe Trace brings his young girlfriend without Violet's knowledge.

The Black Opal Ring - On the night of her death...

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