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This interdependent black community is home to every comfort and form of assistance, as well as to unthinkable violence.

The Trace's Apartment

This place has a spacious dining room featuring houseplants against the windows, deep comfortable chairs, and plenty of space for Violet to fix her customers' hair.

The Birds

These symbolize the meager hope, joy, and love in Violet's life.

The Apple

Joe compares his love for Dorcas to this object.

The Knife

Violet finds this object in the bottom of the parrot's cage.

Vespers County, Virginia

Joe and Violet are originally from this place, which is also the original home of Rose Dear, True Belle, Vera Louise Gray, and Henry Lestory.

Malvonne's Apartment

This place is where Joe Trace brings his young girlfriend without Violet's knowledge.

The Black Opal Ring

On the night of her death, Felice lends this object to Dorcas and wants it...

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