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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Morrison begins her novel by summarizing the entire plot in the first several sentences, then gradually retells the story throughout the book. The objective of Lesson #1 is to explore the effect this method of introducing the story has on the reader's overall experience of the plot and characters.


1) Class Discussion: Morrison opens her book by introducing a main character, Violet, in a gossipy way. What is the author's purpose of introducing Violet this way? What does Morrison include in this initial introduction, and what does she leave out?

2) Small Group Activity: Divide the class into groups of three to four and ask them to summarize the first chapter in bullet points. Have them write down these points in one column, and in another column ask them to write their understanding of the author's purpose in including these events.

3) Writing Assignment: Create a new introduction for...

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