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Chapter 1

• The book opens by describing the place where Violet and Joe live on Lenox Avenue.

• Violet goes to the funeral parlor to disfigure Dorcas's face, but the men at the funeral parlor throw her out.

• Violet goes home and releases her birds into the snow.

• She tries to have an extramarital affair out of revenge, but she is not satisfied.
• Violet wants to learn more about Dorcas, so she goes to visit Dorcas's aunt.

• Violet develops an uncomfortable friendship with Dorcas's aunt, who gives Violet a picture of Dorcas.

• Violet puts the picture of Dorcas on the mantle, where it bothers both she and Joe.
• Violet wonders if she is crazy or not and thinks back to when she steals a baby out of a pram.

• Joe does not know that she has crazy episodes, but knows she sometimes says crazy things.

• Violet finds a knife in...

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