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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12: Laughing in the Dark.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brings the gun to the poker party?
(a) T.C.
(b) Jolene.
(c) CeCe.
(d) Crew.

2. How long has Jazmin lived at 2104 Amsterdam Avenue?
(a) Only one month.
(b) All of her life.
(c) Two years, on two separate occasions.
(d) Nearly one year.

3. What does Jazmin not have with her?
(a) Keys.
(b) Paper.
(c) Pencil.
(d) Wallet.

4. To what does Jazmin compare the art of writing her poems?
(a) Digging through trash.
(b) Shaping clay.
(c) Writing music.
(d) Painting.

5. Whose advice does Jazmin take?
(a) Timothy's.
(b) Her principal's.
(c) Mrs. Wise's
(d) Mrs. Vogel's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the girls have a poker party?

2. To what does Jazmin compare their first apartment?

3. What has Crew never done?

4. What does Jazmin want?

5. Who tries to molest Jazmin?

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